02 May 2008——-Disgusted by the working of our Bureaucrats….

Nandi… Nandi wakeup man shouted my mother(in Tamil),u need to collect your Voter’s ID card if you are interested in casting a vote for a better living.It was 8:00am,its been really bad on my part to get up very late(during my hostel days,the day used to strt@05:00IST),but have become very lazy in getting up over the past 4 months.I had made up tht this time Iam going to caste my vote(I do hope my vote makes a difference in my constituency),I did check whether my name was in the ELECTORAL list by calling up Govt officials (2 weeks bfore),the reply was in the harsh tone “NO”…Well there are two factors which make human beings an animal,”POWER” and “MONEY”,the first factor u will fnd it all the Government Officials in India.I was disgusted and disappointed,(disgusted @ the reply and disappointed that my name wasn’t present in the electoral).

But to my surprise,the localites(rather call them the anti social elements) had Informed my mother that my name was present in the electoral,I was kind of happy.He needs to collect his card on May 2nd, knowing the fact tht I will have to stand in the hot sun (thank god,the previous day I bought an adidas cap),it put me into a tight situation as I had to reach office by 11am,so Informed one of my peers in the office.It was a typical Indian movie style where the projection of Govt office takes place,they made me run up and down(two locations) which Frustrated me,offlate become real wild when things dont go in my way(bad trait developing in Nandi Varman),Atlast found the number(which should be mentioned for verifying your details while picking up ur card).I was angered @ the sight when people with the help of the localites (anti social) walked straight into the room and just had their voter ID cards done(Yeah this is Inida man),I was disgusted and so where few people with me who voiced out their opinions and we became very voiceforeious(all these things happnd in the presence of the so called “POLICEMAN”…who are supposed to maintain Law and Order),Inspite of the CEC Mr Gopalswami effort’s to make elections fair and transparent(hope it will happen in the future)by enforcing many stringent measures it doesnt seem to happen.The real problem is we need to Election Department have authorised personnel in dealing with elections (not the localites—who have all the say).It was total chaos,unorganised,to my shock I was surprsied to see my resedential adress wrongly printed,made me more wild;;;;;One of the localites (anti social) Informed me you can change the address durng the moth of June.I looked @ my watch it was 11:20am,it was late to office,rushed home.

Get ready ,here goes Nandi wid his Apache(bike—Iam real big lover of this bike manufacured by the TVS grp)called out one of my cousins,well as I was taking a “FREE LEFT TURN“(accding to me and few others ) but not according to the Traffic Cops(Karnataka traffic cops are better built than Tamil Nadu Cops(know for their huge bellies)).He asked me the License(stautory fordriving vehicle on the road),I did present him my Learner’s License,the nxt question was “why did you Jump the signal????,replied tht I did not jump the signal,(explained vehicles were moving in the opposite direction,and the vehicles moving in th direction(coming straight all halted as the signal was for tem),so its logical tht its free left turn,he agreed,ten he asked where’s the symbol “L” board on the bike –for which I apologised and was readt to face the penalty,but the cops were expecting money for their personal use,refused and did tell them ,Iam willing to pay the penalty,for which they were upset (refused to pay the bribe) and chargesheeted me wid 2 offences :1)Jumped Signal,2)No L board sign,they seized my License and asked to face the wrath in Traffic court,for which I was ready.Well as I was heading towards the Traffic court,I was caught unaware for going beyond the speeding limits by the “SPEEDINTERCEPTOR”,paid a fine of 300 INR,and had to rush to the Traffic Court.(I thought its bad day for me)I have challenged the Traffic Department,Bangalore asking them why I can’t take a free left turn,its going to be tough for me as rumors are that the case will prolong for six months atleast???I thought wat the hell????

But will fight for Justice and hope I do suceed,(Inspite of my father being an ardent Governmet Servant(Legal Representative of the Karnataka govt) for over a decade,I did not try to Influence his name,We the Youths have to make a difference in our Country for a better society tday and tomorrow,already convinced many of my family members to vote for the Organisation “LOK PARITRAN”(a member of it),being founded by Alumnus of IIT and IIM.I kow that they will not make big in the upcoming elections but they will eat up the pie of the traditional parties which will create awareness…Its matter of time????????

There’s heavy campaign going on in Bangalore’s radio channels, highlighting our fundamental right,one of tem goes like this(multilingustic)….”REE VOTE MADRI,ILLANDRE SHUT UP FOR NEXT FIVE YEARS”…..meaning vote man,otherwise shut up for the nxt five years,Iam going to cast my vote??? are yoy going to do the same????


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