Mistakes——“The Secret of Sucess”

“It is the highest form of self-respect to admit our errors and mistakes and make amends for them. To make a mistake is only an error in judgment, but to adhere to it when it is discovered shows infirmity of character.”—-Dale E Turner.

“Boys” a well known Tamil has a famous song “Saregamae”,which highlights the Importance of Mistakes,as they are the “MEDICINE” for Success.We are all human beings who do commit some mistakes,but do we accept our mistakes????,some people don’t accept their mistakes as they feel people would loose trust in them and gossip around it.But its a wrong misinterpretation by today’s working generation who refuse to render an apology ,where’s the virtue “HONESTY” ?????Is it only found in books and preached only by spiritual gurus in their speeches???I wouldn’t suggest anyone to Implement strict rules and regulations,its all upto an Individual to accept their mistakes.Corporate people should understand when an apology is made it uplifts their character,trust and belief will come from your peers,T/L’s & T/M’s.

But when you refuse to accept your mistake ,credibility is lost,people around you will start gossiping about your character .Many people try to coverup their mistakes and end up commiting more,what is the reason for not accepting??1)the team may not accept your views,2)EGO—-this is the biggest factor.

Trust will come only when you accept and most Importantly it will create awareness among others that this person can be banked upon.In today’s corporate world people play a game and that’s called “BLAMEGAME”,people just pass on the blame .It’s heartning to see educated men and women refuse to accept their mistakes,was not everyone taught at school about HONESTY???,what happened to all the moral classes which they had???? was it just namkewaste moral class????we should have these sessions as part of the Organizations Induction or a workshop (mandatory) which will help them in the development of character resulting in good future leaders.

EGO–I refuse to  accept ,I have been working for the past so many years and I know what is right or wrong????you cannot point out mistakes against me(that’s what a person will be thinking to himself).A sucessfull person will always not try to satisfy his EGO,instead he will be ready to apologise so that he will continue to be admired ,respected among his colleagues,friends and which will make the top level hierarchy take a note of this person.Iam not ambassador for the word APOLOGY.Imagine a situation where a person’s career is ruined (although he did not commit his mistake) , was victim of the so called “BLAMEGAME”.Sometimes people even go to extremes (Its not a high percentage) but promise you it will be start happening frequently if we don’t make a small apology for a mistake.

Iam not 100% perfect ,a learning human being in the process of life,the reason for advocating is because faced a lot of similar situations during my college life and have been taught a lesson in the “HARD WAY”.Humans have a peculiar quality in them,when people advise them through soft way,they don’t heed to it,but when you have learnt it through the hard way you will remember throughout your life.


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