25-06-07 to 25-06-08

19th April 2007,There was I pondering over what next in my life as It was my last day in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of higher learning officially as a student.I did speak to a lot of my friends about what to do next??? all of them uniformly echoed work for a year with simultaneous preparations for the entrance exams (for joining India’s top B-Schools).I was kind of skeptical whether to settle down in BANGALORE as I know I would be haunted by the bad company(school friends) after 5 years of peace full life,so decided to move to the most inhospitable city of India —CHENNAI(the only multinational company which succeeded in setting up an office during the License Raj days was OFFICE TIGER).I concluded that CHENNAI is the still old conservative city after 2 days of exploration.I decided to come back to BANGALORE(I’m proud to be a BANGALOREAN) for I felt it wasn’t going to be easy in Chennai.

With the help of my friends(few of my seniors in college),I got a call from one of the leading organisations around the globe with respect to providing news and Financial data  Services.ECONOMIC TIMES(India’s leading newspaper with respect to Business and Finance) had an article in International Business segment which caught my attention,the headline went like this:”TWO PIONEERS IN THE SEGMENT OF NEWS AND FINANCIAL DATA SERVICES DECIDE TO MERGE”.On the very same day I had an Interview with one of the PIONEER‘s representative,Initially I was kind of skeptic whether to join or not (as I read about the amalgamation),but went ahead and attended the Interview which was kind of tough,I thought its going to challenging work If I did make it through.I was asked to report on the 25th of June 2007 to the organization as they felt I was up-to their expectations.

The D-Day arrived ,It was around 18:15IST,we were requested to hold back as the respective TEAM LEADERS would be visiting us ,A voice addressed me hello and enquired whether I was N.Nandi Varman,I said firmly YES.Then she Introduced that I’m Rashmi Rao,Team Leader,RTFI.I was like “what”? ,am I going under a woman,its the last thing I wanted to start my corporate life with,(as the Interviewer who Interviewed me was a charismatic man,but after working under her for the past 1year ,I concluded that she is a born leader).The next three weeks was all about training ,getting to know the fundas on which I’m going to work on.The first three months I was kind of real dumb as I couldn’t appreciate anything with respect to my work,but later on picked up gradually.Slogging for the next three months with the help of my teammates as we tried to make the workplace a little more workaholic.I found people were not committed to work ,its just that they come in ,sit there for 8hrs for a huge sum of money.I felt I’m not doing justice to my salary at work,that’s the reason I slogged out for the remaining of my stay.My father who is an ardent Government Servant(Advocate) made me realise this,quote”-MONEY SHOULDN’T COME SO EASILY,FOR EVERY SINGLE PENNY YOU SHOULD SWEAT IT OUT”I did realise that this is a valid point,dedication and commitment should be there in whatever you do.I was initially shocked looking at the way people worked for the first 1Month ,I was almost Influenced by them.Then a thought occurred to me ,start making inroads into the process with the help of teammates so that the workaholic culture will build up.( all the kudos should go to the T/L ).Never did I let my individual ego to takeover my commitment to work.Never did the thought occur to me of satisfying my ego.

A boat cannot have a smooth sail till it reaches its destination,will face strong winds,waves,etc.My mind took control of me during the month of December,In spite of learning how to tame the mind for the past 5 years(hostel life).This was the period of strong winds,waves were soaring,not until one day when I thought.”hang on what the hell am I doing?”.I was going through my emotions everyday for I felt ,I committed a big sin in my life,was away from my goals and my mission.It was a period where everything was going bad for me(that’s the reason everyone tells don’t be so WORKAHOLIC).I then decided to call it a quit during January.for I felt I’m not going to do justice to my job.Then I was asked to reconsider my decision,I had promised my T/L to stick around minimum at least for an year,so didn’t want to break it.This was a period where the planets started moving against me.It was a day when I was a made a victim of BLAME GAME in my team.Time had arrived for me to pull up some of my colleagues for they were trying to play safe,not because of my anger,but wanted to convey them the trait HONESTY.After three weeks of contemplation I decided on the 25th April 2008(19:15 approx) to put down my papers serving a two month notice period so that I complete my 1 year of stay with organization.Even after putting down my papers I was kind of affected my many happenings which was really getting to my head everyday and made me to start the countdown the remaining number of hours that I’m going to stay with the organization.If not for two(Lack and Syed) of my colleagues who helped me a lot to overcome the happenings ,would have taken many people to task and again being a victim.Many thanks to them for helping me to overcome these adversities.

The past one year has been a good learning experience as I have a picked a lot of positives from my colleagues and have been trying to imbibe them.The other conclusion being “WOMAN ARE WEIRD WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS”.Iam kind of surprised to see today’s behaviour of women(especially the Urbanites),today’s women are very bold(daring than a man),stubborn and real sensitive .I dobut in future whether the next generation of girls or woman would possess all the traditional qualities of an Indian women.I wouldn’t be surprsied in future if girl or women asks who is SEETHA?? but they would know who was the most beautiful women in India??(partly it should be blamed on our EDUCATION system). Mr Sanjay Sahani Sir(Principal ,Sri Sathya Sai Institue of Higer Learning) always used to tell one thing,which I laughed it off when I was in the college,but now accept that,quote“THE WORLD OUTSIDE IS REAL CRAZY,MAN IS BECOMING GREEDY DAY BY DAY”.Its really sad to see this state of affairs,I was like really shocked(for the intial few months).The other things which we were taught in our college was never ever bow down to your “PRINCIPLES” for POWER and MONEY.PRINCIPLES (its upto an Individual of how they would like to define it) should be present in everyone’s life.I would advise everyone to never compromise on your principles because would always remember your as ” A MAN OF PRINCIPLES” and not for Money or Power.One of my so called colleagues advice was,quote-“YOUR COLLEAGUES CAN NEVER BECOME FRIENDS”.It was wrong conclusion for I did get a good friend who will fall in my list of all time great friends.HE/SHE has helped me a lot with respect to how tackle today’s corporate world and human beings.At the end of the day ,I would like to thank to GOD for showing me this path so that I have some experiences with respect to the WORLD BEHAVIOUR.


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