What’s next in store???

Am I going to acheive my goals???What I dreamt of being within the next 3 years looks very jeoparadised. People around me demoralise me with respect to my goals,My mom keeps teeling me ,quote”You have wasted 2 years in your life”,my ego is hurt but she has every right to voice it out for she is the person who got me to this world.I wouldn’t blame her either for she is concernced about my fututre and the other  reason why she comes up with such statements is because of the gossip of her beloved FAMILY MEMBERS.People of the yesteryear generation still feel that all the education should be compelted by the age of 22 and you become an earning member of the family.In today’s world unless you have your career vision set right you wouldn’t make something big in your life.Its really difficult to convince them why I have taken the decision of working for a year and preparing for the most toughest exams to land up in a good B-School.It’s what I want to be in the next 3years that matters,If I follow their advice I wouldn’t be satisfied with my life and would end cribbing all throughout my life for the decision I have taken and which will drive me insane.

All that mattters to me right now is how Iam going to achieve the set goals.I have drafted a blueprint of how Iam going to go about with the preparations for the entrance exams which I hope will get the best out of me.I need a little bit of help from God as wellfor he should give me the courage to stand tall against all the odds.So keeping my fingers crossed for what’s next in store for me?????


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