“Its all over,Please move on….?”

Introspection for the past two months reveals the following of I ,where I am part of the most ever expanding organization in India,i.e,“Unemployed educated youth of India”.Its been really tough for the past 2 months,especially the month of July ,where I was still in the trauma of all the Incidents that took place in my ex-organization.I couldn’t get over it.It took a huge toll on my mental abilities,every night it used to kill my mind.I just wanted to get over it somehow by just listening to my conscience,sometimes I was successful,where I couldn’t get control I used to have a verbal brawl with one of family members(which consists of 4 excluding me).Even now I get angered when I think of what happened with me for the past 1 year with respect to work life.Everyone suggests me “Its all over ,Please move on…..”

It’s very easy to voice out the above statement,but getting over it is really difficult.The feeling I should have taken revenge, but my conscience keeps telling me “hold on man,that’s not what you should do to others,speak to them politely.Polite speaking ???,people take advantage of that in today’s world,I was fighting it out with my mind in the month of July,couldn’t concentrate on my preparations,managed only 3 hrs of study during the entire month of July,Now I have reached 5 hrs a day on an average with exceptions to some cricket days.I real thank God for giving me the strength to come of the after work trauma.The past one month has been good with respect to my preparations but not up to my expectations.In fact I deleted all my colleagues from my list of friends on Facebook,but added back a few of them.Tears roll down my cheek when I think of my hard work,I wouldn’t have put even 1/3rd of the efforts towards my student life which I did with respect to my work life.Those slogging hours to help the team from 6am to 9pm,but eventually was branded the “BAD BOY”.Sometimes I do feel the past 1 year of work has been the most bad phase of my life.

Now I have come to terms with respect to all my goals,need to start slogging out more for all the entrance exams.I have kept the option of working with a different organization moving till I get into a reputed B-School,surely planning my way into a B-school by next year.Iam expecting my friend Vignesh within a couple of weeks,who is slogging it out in XLRI,Jamshedpur.So planning for a getogether!!!.I really miss all the fun that we had in our hostel life ans those friends who were very straight forward.This post should have been in my blog in the beginning of August ,but I decided to hold it on till today(reasons personnel).I have something big coming up guys,that is ……………………“CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT”.



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2 responses to ““Its all over,Please move on….?”

  1. V

    Machi, shit happens. I was in the same position a year ago, a lot of things happened and here I am at XL doing an MBA, I’m still not very sure how I came here.

    Just 2 words of advice, ‘f*** all’, you do what you want to do, things will fall in place.

  2. nandisai

    Fingers crossed;-),Desperation to join a B-School ASAP man

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