Breaking News:Terrorists Strike Once Again

Breaking News:Bomb Blasts rocks another city -Delhi.Are we Immunized to this statement every three months on the news channels????I would say yes,its just another day at the bomb office,life has to move on.I was shocked for one reason,when people where hit by the bomb,I saw all the channels trying to increase their “TRP’s” by showing the victims lying around instead of showing some kindness to Humanity,Would it be the same if any one of their relatives were lying around???.I need an answer from “NBA”, and there should be some guidelines laid by the I&B ministry,I do agree you need to cover the news,but to what extent,at the cost of many lives????Come on Guys show some respect to fellow beings.Whenever a blast happens the media tries to squeeze in at the spot which hampers the investigation process,Everyone needs to play their part,so it needs a lot of cooperation from people of all walks of life.

The other aspect which I would like to address here is the challenge by terrorist organization,I think all that matters is people helping out,like the e.g of providing water which brought tears down my eyes,These type of small acts should be our response.

Coming to the political aspect,my memory goes back to Gujarat & Bangalore blasts where we had a discussion on our channel,one of the finest points raised by Ram(Historian) who said that we need to have Central Autonomy with respect to the Department of Police,but the sad part is every Government wants have a grip of things.It doesn’t serve any purpose by changing the commissioner,with the technology advancing and terrorists becoming more tech friendly,we need Cyber experts,why can’t we have private experts??we can hire people from Infosys,Wipro ,etc who will work very secretly with the Govt or an Autonomous Institution.These are the small things which will advance our security system.

But all our netas can do is Immediately condemn the attack which our Media will highlight it in bold!!!Constitute a committee tomorrow to look into the attacks,and submit a report by within 15 days,unfortunately that will taken somewhere between 2-3 month.Call for an all party meeting wasting my money(I have paid tax) in the form refreshments.All the changes which are expressed will happen after 10 years,Am looking forward to the next generation netas (youth)who will address all the Issues.


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