A Tamilian, so to say………

The traits to identify whether this person belongs to the race of Tamils is pretty simple and over the years it has become easy to distinguish whether a person is Sam alias Sambar (neologism!!!! a word coined off-late to Tamilians for they cannot survive without their famous drink, which is supposed to play a supportive role to the famous dish of Tamil Nadu “IDLI” ), so born in a typical Tamilain orthodox family in my great city of Bangalore with Idli and Sambhar and curd rice (“thair sadam”-that’s what they call it in Tamil) but people at first sight doubt whether I belong to this Dravidian race which always prides in its civilization.Some would question me based on my complexion, (Courtesy : Adnan), Some would question me based on my Fluency in Kannada speaking abilities  (I owe it to my 2 years of residential life on the outskirts of Bangalore) , at present colleagues with whom I converse most part of the day in Kanglish at office where surprised to hear my identity in terms of language, even my Assistant Manager was surprised that I belonged to the race for he/she was also a Tamilian.

Some of the traits which you would find common in Sams are : Loudmouths, egoistic, dedicated, intelligent(me exclusive), fanatical, thinkers, conservative, inhospitable , frank, principles etc, these are traits of an average Tamilian.Sometimes I do feel the qualities mentioned above may play an obstacle in some part of the life of a Tamilian, a victim of being egoistic and inhospitable ( the urbanites call that Socializing) which I doubt whether I will embrace it being from a conservative background.The world of corporate demands people who are good at socialising, dual faced for they feel people of this nature can grow in corporate rather than people who are frank and principle oriented.1.5 years of my corporate life, I haven’t still figured out of how to get along with people who are highly efficient in PMS(not portfolio management skills ,its people management skills).

Certain incidents that took place in my professional life in the past few weeks  has made me think my future course of action with respect to my professional life, some words may be polite but when you think twice about it you will feel embarrassed about it, music was churning from the top management and I felt I need to rethink the way I will approach professional life.Its easier said than done, its an internal struggle th I have been going through for the past couple of weeks trying to be patient, adaptable and customized to each individuals needs which I feel is hopeless, but that’s what corporate life demands, and I have to keep up my promise for me to make a sucessfull career in my current orgainzation.Its sincere advise from a person who is remrkably experinced in terms of professional life, so do I have a choice but to embrace the “CHANGE” which is the only constant thing in the world for my better??, the answer will follow in three months time.

Views expressed here are personnel and are not intended to harm others.


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