Any form of expression is always subjective unless proved contrary  by a series of observations which becomes a universally accepted norm.The past week has been less of work and more of subjective discussions.Some of the discussions did have some positive impact on me.One discussion on a sunny Wednesday afternoon walking along with my colleagues in the CBD of Bangalore a wastage of time, could have used my mind for some other productive purposes as someone suggested during the discussion.My last post was the premise for the discussion,One of my colleagues introduced me to a sam alias Sambhar female (no offence) who was nothing but a typical Sam.Its difficult to convince Sams who are pretty egoistic and I have decided not to interact with anymore Sams at office at personal level of things, since time is a constraint for this post, will try to make up the subject in another post.I haven’t done anything really productive at work this week,maybe its something to do with my mind which is stuck up with Vicky’s arrival this weekend.

This post is really short as Rants shouldn’t influence anyone’s thought process.Views expressed here are personnel and are not intended to harm others.


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