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The Fear of Loosing…….

Trepidation due to a person being capricious drives the other person insane during winter blues. A situation that requires a rational behaviour on my part and not an impulsive one. On being impulsive it may lead to an erroneous decision which might be embarrassing or loss of an irrecoverable object, being the person who defines frank, open minded and reflective the present situation has put me in a shell right now with the quilt not being able to calm down my coldness. The trait of cold is that it would drive fear if you don’t take an immediate action but rationality would argue based on statistics that it will die down slowly. A Psychosis that demands Preference Falsification due to my upbringing. Do I need to term my situation as Prejudice? or say this is your life , an opportunity knocks only once grab it before the cold dies down slowly. The latter will prick you everyday and you would cry over it everyday untill mortal which I dislike.

An object when broken the difficulty lies in to pick up the pieces and bring it back the original shape in spite of you knowing in hindsight it’s going to be a fractured object for permanent. The Fear lies in not the decision making but the consequences of its immateriality. The Fear lies in remorse.The Fear of falsehood with my conscience.The Fear of a treasured trait which will be lost forever.The Fear of Fear verses Phobia.The Fear of light which will not glow when its dark.The Fear of loosing my sanity.The Fear of well nurtured object turning into a rotten object.The Fear of not being conventional and above all “THE FEAR OF LOOSING TRUST”.

Do I need to bind with time and let the boat sail leaving rest to the nature? or Do I need to take certain decision hoping it turns out to be positive which will help throughout your life? . The latter is what a lot of people are advising me.How is this going to span out? It should be either a win-win situation or loose – win situation but not loose-loose situation.

A short Poem……….

A state of mind which waves like the wind

and floats like the water,

due to fear of loosing…

Or is it my figments of Imagination,

which is the cause of dilemma,

again due to fear of loosing…

The world says its callousness on my part,

but the same world will change its stand,

not due to fear of loosing but fear of being associated.

Do I need to think selfish as an individual ?

for fear of loosing something or

Do I need to sacrifice ?

for fear of loosing everything.

Do I need to loose the valueable TRUST or

Do I need to brood over my loss in sanity.

Hope of being hopeful ?or

Trust in God for better view of things?

Time will tell……… but

the Fear of loosing will still continue…………..


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Any form of expression is always subjective unless proved contrary  by a series of observations which becomes a universally accepted norm.The past week has been less of work and more of subjective discussions.Some of the discussions did have some positive impact on me.One discussion on a sunny Wednesday afternoon walking along with my colleagues in the CBD of Bangalore a wastage of time, could have used my mind for some other productive purposes as someone suggested during the discussion.My last post was the premise for the discussion,One of my colleagues introduced me to a sam alias Sambhar female (no offence) who was nothing but a typical Sam.Its difficult to convince Sams who are pretty egoistic and I have decided not to interact with anymore Sams at office at personal level of things, since time is a constraint for this post, will try to make up the subject in another post.I haven’t done anything really productive at work this week,maybe its something to do with my mind which is stuck up with Vicky’s arrival this weekend.

This post is really short as Rants shouldn’t influence anyone’s thought process.Views expressed here are personnel and are not intended to harm others.

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