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“ALTITUDE” in LIFE depends on your “ATTITUDE”

One of the qualities which you would find in today’s young generation is “ATTITUDE”,Both positive and negative attitude,In the past had been instructed by my friends and teachers(Brindavan) to change my attitude, used to dwell on this during my hostel days which side of the coin did I belong to???.Friends often said “Nandi,you have to change your attitude towards teachers”.Was my style of approach really bad????,One of the reasons was I was pretty straightforward,which I feel was one of the reasons for people judging me on the negative side of the coin.They were confused between” ATTITUDE ” and “ADAPTABILITY”.The same thing continued in my worklife,and the yielded result was the same.I would still be the same,changing yourself for a better life which will be a short term goal wouldn’t yield you any result in the long term.You need to portray yourself with two different facets everyday then, which I hate the most,and one final day you might end up getting a bad name in the society.So have an attitude of your own and don’t worry about what others feel about you.At the end of the day¬† you want to be happy in life.So I have always backed myself in doing certain things which I feel in the short run may have hampered my career but in the long run Iam sure because of this quality of mine Iam going to succeed in life.

I had narrated a story during the end part of my hostel life which still rings in my ears,quote:

“ALTITUDE IN LIFE DEPENDS ON YOUR ATTITUDE”.A rabbi was delivering his lecture on the TORAH to students and they came across a line,”The truly evolved person is he ,who continues to smile in the midst of great difficulties”.One of the students remarked ,”If we are in such difficulty ,how is it possible for us to ponder in such conditions?”.The Rabbi could not find a solution as he pondered over it.The Rabbi then knew a old man who lived in their city,who was an orphan in childhood and crippled now.The old man’s life was a saga of pain and suffering and yet he wore a lovely smile.The students approached the old man and asked him,”Sir how is it inspite of all these difficulties you wear a smile?”,the old man replied you have come to the wrong address and he added on saying that in the past age of 73 years he has never faced a difficulties because GOD was with him,In times of difficulties don’t ever say “GOD ,I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM,instead say ,”HEY PROBLEM I HAVE A BIG GOD”.With the right every adveristy becomes an opportunity,every failure that came to thy,I learnt to look upon them as a chance to improve myself.

I would like to conclude with a small poem:

People are often unreasonable,illogical and self-centred,


The service you do may seem insignificant in the eyes of others,


If your honest and simple,people may cheat you,


What you spend years building,someone could destroy overnight,


If your successfull ,you will win false friends and true enemies,


If you find serenity and happiness,others may be jealous,


If your kind,you maybe acussed selfish,ulterior motives,


The good you today will be forgotten tomorrrow.


If your generous and helpful,others may take advantage of you,


Give the world the best you havemand it may never be enough,





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Shall I………………..

Where do I start ???,never did I expect to see myself graduate from one of the most respected University in India which emphasised a lot on Values and Spirtiuality.The standing testimony to the above fact would be the entrance of our Institute where we had the privilege of playing salutations to the “LORD OF WISIDOM” before starting of the proceedings in the college and on top you would find the sculpture of “GODDESS OF KNOWLEDGE”.Shall I tell you about the ever smiling idol of a small boy playing a flute in a pond where we used to walk and run around in our hostel.Shall I tell you about the Suprabhatam (morning hymn to wake up the lord), where we sat in a line representing our respective rooms where some used to snoar and some chanting which led to great fusion early in the morning around 5:30(IST).Shall I tell you about the hot cup of tea/raggi malt (an Indian energizing drink) which used to get over within a fraction of time,while the boys who were late would feel dejected.Shall I tell you about the whistle which terrorized us and made us run helter skelter to the ground and in the process we some getting punished(Frog jumps,crawling etc-which used to be fun).Shall I tell you about the phrases which rings in my ears even now when I think of jogging-KALDA BODIES!!!.Shall I tell you about the sprint which used to take place from the ground to the hostel for a bucket of hot water.Shall I tell you about the bang -bang-bang-bang on the doors of the bathroom,”HOW MUCH TIME???,IAM AFTER YOU,NO SOMEONE HAS ALREADY TOLD ME”.Shall I tell you about the verbal fights for bath or shall I tell about how we used to read the newspaper with each pulling for one page.Shall I tell you about about the breakfast which watered our mouths and the hospitality of serving which was entrusted upon us.

It’s 09:15am ,shall I tell you about the prayerhall where we used to start of our proceedings for the day in our college with each day being represented different form of arts(music,vedic hymns,enigmatic orators,special series of hindu mythlogical characters,etc).Shall I tell you about our lectures which was taught by the finest lecturers in the country.Shall I tell you about how we were intoxicated by having a heavy lunch.Shall I tell you about the intensity of our games(individual and sports).

Shall I tell you about the sooting bhajans which used to relax our mind.Shall I tell you about our delicious dinner which was very limited for some.Shall I tell you about our study hours with warden summoning a few for a warning.Shall I tell you about the creamy milk and the Television,(some days chapathis).Shall I tell you about the night prayer which was mandatory.Shall I tell you about our warden walking on the terrace and somedays checking in some rooms.

Shall I tell you about the festival days which used to get happiness for many ,as it was time for real delicious food.Shall I tell you about our ever relaxable sundays wherein it was time for eat,play and sleep.Shall I tell you about our night outs so that we were assured of a good grade.Shall I tell you about how enthusiasitc we were to head for a trip to PARTHI.Shall I tell you about the hot tea and Karabath on returning back from our trip.Shall I tell you about sleepless days in our third year for our batch name,with everyone busy trying to project ourselves as the member of”PRACHETAS-BATCH OF 2007″.Shall I tell you about our sports meet which involved a lot of rigourious preparations(celestial rhythms,bike stunts,traditional marital arts,dragon dance,etc).Shall I tell you about watching the finest actors of our college portraying the finest play of Indian tradition.Shall I tell you about our law breaking activities in the hostel which led to sleepless nights.Shall I tell you about how we overcame our sorrowness and unitedly we put one of the most celebrated days of all the members of PRACHETAS(3rd years day).Shall I tell you about how tears rolled down when everyone witnessed the documentary entitled “PRACHETAS”.Shall I tell you about the emotions of our last day in the campus where it was a last day for a few of them in the institute and hostel as everyone had to move on with their careers.

All these things have had a lasting impact on our personality.Everyday I take pride in saying that Iam a student of “SRI SATHYA SAI UNIVERSITY,BRINDAVAN CAMPUS”(erstwhile “SRI SATHYA SAI INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNING,BRINDAVAN CAMPUS”) and a member of the batch of “PRACHETAS”,BATCH OF 2004-07.Its real emotional feeling.when I look back at all these things,I just want to have a rewind in my life.Memories are special when you look back at them,Its always good to have experience of both sides of a coin-“HAPPINESS & SORROW”,otherwise your memories wouldn’t have a lasting impact in your life.All my classmates/friends who would play a definite role in the future with their respective careers not only from the education point of view but also from the perspective of the development of CHARACTER.Another ten years down the lane everyone will be settled with thier careers and then it would be fun to have getogether,so that we recollect our “MEMORIES” of the batch “PRACHETAS”.


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