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An extreme bellicose bangalorean!!!


There is history to my city as well which often people don’t relate to,Upon the passing of Tipu Sultan, the Wodeyars returned to the throne of Mysore, and therefore Bengalooru, although only as figureheads. Bengalooru remained part of British East Indiauntil Indian independence in August, 1947.The British troops which were first stationed at Srirangapatna after the fall of Tipu Sultan in 1799 were later shifted to the Civil and Military Station of Bengalooru in 1809.The salubrious climate of Bengalooru attracted the ruling class and led to the establishment of the famous Military Cantonment, a city-state close to the old town of Bengalooru. The area became not only a military base for the British but also a settlement for a large number of Europeans, Anglo-Indians and missionaries.In Cantonment, the names of many of its streets are derived from military nomenclatureArtillery Road, Brigade Road, Infantry Road and Cavalry Road. The South Parade (now known as Mahatma Gandhi Road, was to the south of the Parade Ground.The British representative maintained a residence within the cantonment area and his quarters was called the Residency and hence the name Residency Road. Around 1883, three developments were added to the cantonment — Richmond Town, Benson Town and Cleveland Town.The Cantonment has retained it distinct atmosphere through the years with large populations of Anglo-Indians and Tamils from the British era.The oldest theatre in Bangalore which was established in the year 1936,mainly for the recreational activities of British Army during the colonial rule,have watched quite no of movies during my school days.

The history acts as a premise of why Bangalore has a different culture,the only other city that can be compared to Bangalore in India is Mumbai (erstwhile known as Bombay)The climate which makes you lazy to get up during winter and which has pretty cool climate during summers when compared to other cities in India.Off late due to heightened economic activity the city is becoming hot.I know a couple of my friends from neighbouring state who often complain of the climate during winter as they cannot bare the cold.The migrant population always want to complain things like traffic,bad roads,etc but don’t want to be the catalyst for making the city a better place to live-in.Individual freedom is something that everyone wants ,not many people would take any suggestions like car pooling ,the best MRPTS system in India,for people to heed to this advise any number of public notices and announcements want make any difference as it requires a change in people’s mindset.

Moral Policing existed even during different Government’s rules.The men who went on a rampage by attacking the opposite sex would have done it just for a petty sum of money as they are unemployed.The fundamental issue being Unemployment,the Govt needs to tackle this issue so that we don’t have these untoward incidents happening in the future.Another factor which played a huge role is our  Media. They blow everything out of proportion  in order to be on top withTRP’s  and need to break some news to have BREAKING NEWS .Just can’t understand how the media knew in hindsight about the incident??,if they knew about the bound to happen incident ,why did they not inform the local security department??,do agree Media plays a big role influencing various policies but they need to have some code of conduct,thriving on perception is one of USP’s of Indian Media who propogated the idea of banning the organization which was responsible for the incident would have only led to more chaos. Banning an organization will only lead to more unrest,look at what happened to US policies with respect to Islam community,more extremism and terror attacks.Never look at a situation on face value ,introspection is necessary before arriving at a conclusion.Nowadays I can bare our netas but not our media-who think no one can question them.

Bangalore doesn’t need to be represented by new tag of “LOOSE AND PUB CULTURE GOING WOMEN”,the culture of PUB existed from the ages of British Colonisation and continues to do so.Its just that all these things are into the limelight because of the negative publicity received from the media which was supposed to be positive.My city has the highest number of pubs in India and we have the UB factory which generates large volumes of taxes to the Govt.Since my city was a part of British colonisation ,their influence exists in the form of many educational institutions which continue to thrive even today.Ask any Bangalorean(who has been born and bought up),thy will say “I WANT MY OLD CITY BACK”,sometimes I think alike,but that will never happen as “CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING”.Memories are the sweetest things which should always be cherished,schooldays it was time to bunk classes in the name of NCC official  work and roam around MG Road and Brigade road on bicycle,now hardly I find school students plying on bicycles,jump out of the school wall during breaks and head towards the famous bakery “FATIMAS BAKERY” for a hot samosa and Pepsi,or walk further ahead towards Johnson Market where there existed two famous restaurants for their non-veg recipe ,viz,”SELECT” and “FANOOS”,would accompany my friends by having DAL(veg) and ROTI or walk towards the economic veg house near vellara junction “HOTEL RAMPRASAD” for idli and sambhar or head towards a snooker parlour for a game wherein you would be shocked to see half the school rouges present there playing a board game and puffing cigarettes after cigarettes,the parlour is shut and they have a DISCO named “URBAN EDGE”.When the academic session ends for the day,we used to rush towards our back school gate for our unorganised chat sector which was very economical and the best,those hot corn’s with spice added up and fruit salad was the most demanded items,the vendors had new items every month which I guess would have helped them in achieving economies of scale.I enjoyed this part of my great city BANGALORE within a radius of 200 metres.Although I haven’t been to PUB’s during schooldays I know my friends who used to visit often and had fun,their famous place was “BUNKERS”,a fellow Bangalorean like me would have enjoyed in different ways but never complained anything about my city.

The restriction to nite life is something the youth of Bangalore upset about,for which I have a valid point of going with the Govt,the city’s population is growing everyday with news about murders,robberies shockingly  happening in daylight,the Government has a limited security personnel’s who also have their families to guard us.Its just just that they don’t want incidents which will harm the city and neither the Govt wants to be blamed and I don’t want a BARKHA DUTT to come out and speak  nonsense through her microphone about my city nor do I want a SHOBAA DEE slogan “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”,we had a unstable Govt before this Govt came into which was the resultant of utter chaos of what happened to the city.Its just a matter of time before the night life restrictions are removed ,maybe in a couple of years as the Government is increasing the security stations and security personnel,its just that everyone needs to be patient to have a win win situation.

Fellow Bangaloreans need to look at both sides of a coin before arriving at some judgements and we need to work with the babus and the Govt to make things work for betterment of the city and for mutual benefit.In a system of democracy everyone has a right to everything but we need have some self regulation for the time being due to circumstances or permanent which help others and a lead to peace full living.I don’t need an individual freedom which will hurt others or put them into trouble.



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